Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The "C" word

"The idea of just maybe 30 people seeing the message was disconcerting it would be like giving the greatest sermon of your life to just one person who really didn't need it. I want the messages of the bible seen by everyone. Not just hidden away and kept for only those who read Latin or visit my Dad's house."-Battle November 05 on the topic of doing...

Canvas. Yes, I said it. I've been hating the idea of it ever since I started doing graffiti. I still dislike the idea. I've been sketching in my books from the beginning. I have this interesting record of my progression of my art through the pages of my five 100 pg. black books. It's been neat to see, every once and a while I flip through the books and remember the good ideas and bad execution. They're my books and I love them. I feel though it may be time to let go of continuing the record and rip some pages out to give to the needy. So I've been continuing to sketch in my books but also rip out the pages paste them together or throw some paint in the background and slap a frame around it. Since I sketch in my book anyways I might as well do something positive with the sketches after. The focus for me is still christ-centered murals on busy streets.

Also at my church they have this continuing art gallery where artists from the church donate paintings, people from the church buy them and the proceeds go to mission trips around the world. At first I noticed a lot of work being done and amazing pictures adorning the walls. Last week however, I saw a doodle that a 7 yr old drew in crayola marker, she stared up at the picture priced at $10 and said "daddy why hasn't it sold yet". I said to myself "The only one who's gonna pay $10 for that is her Dad. I gotta step up here and bring something else to the table". As a semi-profesional artist who goes to this church I should be supporting it more. Hundreds of artists would kill for an opportunity to use thier art like this.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Lots of stuff has been almost happening recently. Alot of people over the last couple of months have been contacting me with incredible job offers and oportunities for ministry. Two store owners in london, a highschool student from boston, a biker from ohio, a street walker, a friend with a dream and a comic book penciler. Private canvas', business logo's, interior design, outreaches, automotive decoration, consultation, articles, sketches and travel. I've found recently that people's good intentions are not as solid as one would hope. I've also found that I've wanted to put off contracts I find less appealing. God's gotta help me out with this 'cuz sometimes I feel lazy other times I feel over zealous. I'm really praying for the two outreach related ones to pan out.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Not that it has anything to do with January 1st but I do have some plans for the future. I just bought a scanner and better camera. I made a video about a wall I did and I'm in the process of making annother one. I don't know how to post them or what format they're supposed to be in. I wanna take Cammer up on his offer to stay with him and travel to san fran. Maybe make some trips to visit other Gospel Graffiti members on the way. I'm going to paint with Sonz (a guy in my crew an hour away) as you all as my witness it's going to happen. I wanna figure out what my art is supposed to say... Nothing against doing annother Jesus piece and saying somthing nice but, I wanna reach people, change lives, mindsets, habits, shift peceptions, identify with people and give them real tangable hope. Some of my most un-graff work has made the biggest difference. I'm gonna keep working on my letters but I really want my characters to say something. This is the way I see it: People look at my technical skill and it draws them in. Then they hopefully read my message contained in the work. Finally they process this information and, how they process this information is determined by the emotional connection tied to the content. but God can use even the ugliest, untintelligent, offensive piece to accomplish his will through his blessing of the holy spirit. I want to care less about what other writers think, including you guys on the blog and do what God wants. Sometimes the first thing I think after finishing a piece is... "People are gonna love the way this looks" Instead of something like "I hope God uses this to touch someone"... my heart has gotta change.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sketches 21





Monday, January 08, 2007

Sketches 20



Piece #25

"Worship the Lord your God. He is the only one you should serve." Deuteronomy 6:13

Sunday, January 07, 2007


While I was painting piece #22 I met up with a guy named baser24 he's a really nice straight edge guy who has some religious beliefs and writes graffiti illegally in london. I called him from my girlfriends and planned to do some legal walls together. He called back and talked to her for a while and it turns out he knew Viceral back when both of them were at low's in thier life. I had an awesome time painting with him, it was so much fun. We talked about writers from the area, God, brands of paint, the historical accuracy of the Bible, what Viceral and him used to do back in the day and a whole lot of theories about Jesus, the appostles and Mary.
(top left: his skull and my backround/bottom: his name left and my name right)