Thursday, November 15, 2007


So just a quick update. I came back from New york and things have been kinda slow in the art department. A few new sketches a few more leads a few more logo's and all that but right now I'm prioritizing things are important and believe it or not but I've grown in the last year and... I'm just going to say it... Graffiti is not the most important thing in my life anymore. I've got a future wife to think about. So second or third place goes to my spraypaint ministry. I feel less artistic and my work has been substandard (I think it's a sign to focus on what matters most right now). That all being said I've got some exciting news that I'm totally psyched about. I'm painting a gay bar! For years I have had a real soft spot in my heart for the gay community and all the struggles they go through and the unfair treatment they recieve. I love gay people and honestly want to show them the unconditional love of christ. So when the owner of a bar downtown saw my work and had an agent aproach me about doing his alley I jumped at the chance. In fact even before I herd about him wanting to paint the alley I had a desire to paint it and had drawn up a few sketches as early as a year and a half prior just with the hope to paint his wall. The mural is about Love. Pure and simple I want to show the community Love tell them about Love and bless them with a nice looking alley. I can't wait this is the one project I feel like I've gotta do and feel motivated to do. I seriously can't wait for this one. As for the rest of the projects I'm taking a break.