Saturday, October 29, 2005

Graffitti Treat

This is my first peice of art in the wonderful medium of spraypaint. My first Creation a nun in habit covering her face intwined with a legged serpent and I called it Eve and it was good. I only had blue and a little white at the time and I thought that I couldn't do much with it but spraypaint surprised me. It's like a really easy to use giant pen that shrinks and grows on a whim. Above eve you can see a candle I did the same day after I bought $30 worth of paint. I got an email today from the pastor of a church downtown today. I have permission to start painting the back of 920 dundas st. Joel Terry and I have already dreamed up a concept and we are both excited about how our different styles will fuse on this peice to create a spiritual work of art while at the same time getting rid of some old graff and blessing a church that has blessed us both. Plus it wont be illegal!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Famous Hypocrite

Everyone now a days wants to be famous in some way or annother. Some seek fame without any thought to thier own identity and jump in front of a camera yelling hey Mom while the news journalist tries to do a story about the local psycheatric ward. Others seek fame on thier own terms. That is where the bulk of society now rests wanting recognition for thier own peticular talent. Graffitti is real popular and you can find local thugs geting up all over trains, bridges, windows and alley ways signing thier tag to let everyone know who they are. The only reason sometimes being for being recognized in the comunity. In the same way the popularity of Blogging. People wanting recognition for the work they have done and for others to read and recognize thier own peticular brand of accomplishment. So this week I have taken up both new rages of society and denounced both as being a selfish pursuit with a negative outcome.

Like a sheep

Hey, I'm annother sheep
thinking that I lead an interesting enough life that people will acctually want to read about it. And Jamie ( I hate your guts. Yes annother friend you've sucked into your world. Well, welcome to the daily mundane life of annother want to be - Richard Phillips.