Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pressence "Church"

I was in a Christian newspaper years ago and ever since I have received each edition by email and I usually read through it. I read about a new church blah blah blah saw a website and decided to check it out. I went to their facebook site and looked at some pictures and I saw some of my artwork that had been posted by this church. So I went to the church that sunday to check it out. It was cool and I met an ex-graffiti artist there and I had a good conversation with her and stuck around after to talk to the pastor. Well a few months later I saw that the church was doing a series on the arts and since I like art I decided to check it out. The topic was interesting and I talked to the pastor and he asked if I'd like to speak at the church about my christian graffiti and so, some time in the future I'll be speaking at a church. I think it'll be fun.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ummmm nope

Well ladies and gentlemen you witnessed it here first the biggest opportuunity of my mural career. The opportunity of maybe a lifetime, my chance to leave a substantial mark on the landscape of London for maybe decades to come. The chance to have respect as an artist and not only that but complete possibly London's biggest work of art. Oh and the money, thousands apon thousands of dollars are at my fingertips waiting for me to reach out and grab it. I have the connections, I have the skill, I have the stamina, I have the knowledge and I have the presentation. It doesn't feel right though, it's not a ministry opportunity and I'd have to sacrifice things to get it. Sacrifice time with my wife durring our first year of marriage. Sacrifice annother outreach ministry that I already promised I'd attend. Sacrifice time at my new job working and making a difference in peoples lives. I can't say it'll never happen but although the window is small for this opportunity I'm letting it pass until something is revealed to me.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fixin' it up

I went to the walls downtown 'cuz every once in a while they get tagged or messed up. I fixed a lot of work over the last two days. I forgot how easy this stuff is to fix. A years worth of other peoples tags cleaned up in a few hours. I was just finishing up my last piece when a guy named Tyrone came over and gave me a few complements and then asked for some change to buy his way back home to Windsor. Maybe 'cuz I'm jaded I don't give people money but I offered to buy him a bus ticket, we got to talking and he asked me to pray for him, and he laid out some troubles he's dealing with. He said "I feel like ending it all, you know getting on that road and windin' up dead. Is'nt there anything you can say?"
I said "sometimes I get depressed too and at those times it helps for me to remember my purpose in life the things I'm supposed to do on this earth and it helps and gives me hope for the future. So, what's good about your life?"
He said "I'm breathing, and I can still get it up without viagra"
I asked him what his purpose was in life, what he was living for and he told me that he lives for himself and then I asked how that was working out for him
staring at the ground he said "not too good" we kept talking about God and stuff until he said he had to leave to go complete a drug deal. He wanted to keep talking to me but he wanted to finish up some business first I said I wasn't gonna wait for him but, he could call me and I gave him my number.