Saturday, April 12, 2008

London's Graffiti Forum

Third year social work students from Kings College put on a graffiti forum last night in Labatt hall. I had been in contact with a lot of different people who all suggested I attend and show some work. There was a DJ, break dancers, a lavish spread of free food, skateboarders, undercover police and a ton of graffiti writers. It seemed to me like everybody from London was there, I recognized a few writers and met most of the rest of them. I got to meet my two favorite writers from London who are not only accomplished artists but nice down to earth guys, a lot of respect for Distinct and Sickoe. I got to clear some tension up with some of the writers. But the crazy thing about it all was how students from the college had noticed my work wrote summaries on some of my pieces and totally missed the whole point of everything that was going on, one had included in their project a conversation between me and her (little creepy). I think the one thing I took away from it all was to be more blunt about my work because I have a feeling most people don't realize the subtlety. They researched Babylon because of a reference I made and thought I was an anarchist, they thought I was a girl because I used the colour pink, they thought I worked for the city, they thought a lot of different things and thought a lot of it was done by different people.